Nikki Haley accused of ‘hoping to hide under the cover of her skin color,’ she fires back

Liberals aren’t focused on skin color, really. At least that’s what they so desperately want us to think. But have you ever noticed what group is the quickest to call someone a racist?

The number of times the Democrats running for president have called President Trump, his supporters and other Republicans racist is mind-numbingly high. They’ve even started each other racist as Kamala Harris tried to paint former Vice President Biden as one during their first debate.

Race is simply a tool Democrats try to use end any and all discussion when they become flustered and are unsure of what to say next.

Race, as it always does with liberals, came up after former United States ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley tried to calm tensions on Twitter following the outrage of President Trump’s Baltimore tweets.

Seems like a pretty logical, level-headed thing to say, right? Apparently not as it was far too much for a couple of liberals.


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