Al Sharpton: ‘Trump has a particular venom for blacks and people of color’

Rev. Al Sharpton is the kind of guy who has for years made a fortune off of tragedy.

Something terrible happen to a black person or in a predominantly African-American community? You can expect the reverend to show up to use racially-divisive rhetoric meant to further inflame passions. He’s a polarizing figure and I can’t imagine a situation where this man would serve as a healing, calming and soothing presence but then again, Sharpton never intends to do so.

He uses situations as ways to further his own selfish agenda: himself. So, it was no surprise when Sharpton decided to show his face in Baltimore after President Trump’s “racist” tweets about the Maryland city.

In his comments, Sharpton did what he does best: further interject race into a situation in an attempt to divide.

He, like nearly every Democrat running for president, called Trump a racist and said that he holds a particular disdain for people of color.

To make matters worse, Biden and Harris actually posted tweets defending and supporting Sharpton on Monday.

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