Al Sharpton headed to Baltimore to help city ‘heal’ after Trump’s tweets

Never fear, Baltimore! Reverend Al Sharpton is headed your way to help your city heal after the weekend long tweet storm from President Trump.

Sharpton appeared on MSNBC to talk about how racist the President is and address the tweet where Trump called him a “conman.”

“He’s going to attack me as a ‘troublemaker’ and a ‘con-man.’ …I am a ‘troublemaker’… I intend to make trouble every time racists and bigots move around in any way shape or form, including the president,” Sharpton told MSNBC.

Kamala Harris also came to Sharpton’s defense, saying

@TheRevAl has spent his life fighting for what’s right and working to improve our nation, even in the face of hate. It’s shameful, yet unsurprising that Trump would continue to attack those who have done so much for our country.”


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