Stunning and Brave: Dem Sen. Chris Murphy lets Twitter know he unfollowed Trump

In a world where virtue signaling is a common, everyday occurrence, one Democrat in the Senate took it up to a whole other level.

Democrat Chris Murphy, from Connecticut, took the heroic step of unfollowing President Donald Trump on Twitter. But what is heroism if you don’t announce it proudly for all to know and admire your righteous deed.

Murphy then took to Twitter and posted a act of bravery. In his heartfelt and gut-wrenching announcement, Murphy trots out more of the tired “he’s a racist” trope and other Democratic talking points.

Oh, yeah by the way, the President’s tweets just seem to ruin Chris Murphy’s day.

Right next to such names as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, now resides the name Chris Murphy.

Chris Murphy, you da real MVP.

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