Schiff: 2020 is the only way Trump is leaving office

For the last several years, Democrats in Congress were dead set on proving President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. In order to prove their hypothesis that Trump did in fact work with the Russians in order to win in 2016, the U.S. government devoted nearly two years and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Well, as it turns out, Democrats were disappointed by the results. So, what did they do? They then began screaming about obstruction, accusing Trump of obstructing the Mueller investigation.

OK, fine. A complete deviation from their initial claim but that’s what you do, if you get desperate.  During these calls of obstruction, the idea of impeachment was also brought up. But that seems to have now fallen by the wayside as California Rep. and House Intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff recently punted on beginning impeachment proceedings.

He’s now saying that 2020 is the only way Trump will be removed from office.

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