Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan: Trump should be impeached for criminal behavior

Following former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before two House committees this week, the Democrats are once again pleading for the impeachment of President Trump.

Democrats know that if they were to bring up articles of impeachment against Trump that it’s a losing issue. Impeachment must be first brought up in the House, which the Democrats control and then the Senate, which the Republicans control, would hold the trial.

The Democrats do not have enough votes to actually remove Trump from office and they know that’s the case. If they honestly believed they could get Trump removed, without ensuring a slaughter in 2020, they would’ve already done it.

Those on the left who continue to bring up impeachment are only doing so in order to get attention. Exhibit A: Democrat and presidential candidate Tim Ryan on CNN.

Most people forget that Ryan, an Ohio congressman, is actually running for president. So when Ryan gets his opportunity to speak on CNN he calls for the president’s impeachment.

If he truly believed that the president should be impeached, why doesn’t he bring it? Why not file articles of impeachment? He is, after all, a sitting congressman.

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