Actress Alyssa Milano cries, talks about situation on southern border

Actress Alyssa Milano is super, super woke.

She’s one of those celebrities who must let us know how she feels about nearly every single news items. Of course, like the rest of Hollywood, she takes the liberal position nearly 100% of the time.

On Friday, Milano, after being touched by a video of a family separation at our southern border, needed to go to social media to let us know her thoughts on the subject.

Instead of providing any real facts, it’s a three-minute video of the actress crying about families being destroyed, children being taken away from families and how it’s all being done in our name.

What’s interesting though is that nearly everything Milano says could be applied to the procedure of abortion. But, we already know how Milano feels about that topic, totally and completely in favor of tearing children away from their family in that instance.


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