Fairs are dropping country band over use of Confederate flag

If you grew up on 90s country like I did, you can probably still sing every word to Confederate Railroad’s chart topping country hit, “Trashy Women.”

It’s been a while since the group had a hit, but they’re still together and performing at fairs across the country. Lately though, the band has seen some backlash from fair executives who decided to cancel their shows over the band’s logo which features the Confederate Flag.

According to USA Today, Ulster County Fair in New York’s Hudson Valley is the latest to drop them from their concert schedule with a spokesperson saying, “The Ulster County Fair must be an event that everyone can enjoy while representing the values of all members of our community. Any showcasing of a symbol of division and racism runs counter to that principle and will be vigorously opposed by my administration.”

The front man for the band, Danny Shirley, said he’s proud of his southern heritage.

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” Shirley told the outlet. “I love the part of the country I’m from, and I will never apologize for that.”


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