Biden says he’s ‘not going to be as polite at next debate’

Stand back everybody and get ready,  Joe Biden is done with the nice guy charade!

Apparently, Wednesday, during a fundraiser, the former vice president he’s “not going to be as polite at next debate.”

Of course, this comes after Biden was blindsided by Kamala Harris during the first debate when she tried to paint him as a racist. Harris’ attack did seem to work as Biden’s polls numbers seemed to take a dip immediately after the debate.

However,  Biden knows as well as anybody, having been in politics and government as long as he has that when you’re the front runner, the slings and arrows come in droves.

The Democrats get together again July 30 and 31 in Detroit.

Will Joe come out swinging? Who will be called a racist during this upcoming debate? Will this one be as big a train wreck as the first debate?

There’s just so many questions that needs answers.


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