Bernie Sanders proposes yet another ‘free’ and ‘universal’ program

Bernie Sanders, while still in the top tier of the Dems running for president, his support has fallen.  In the latest RealClearPolitics average poll, Sanders is tied for second with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 15%.

No doubt Sanders is still popular among the most liberal members of the Democratic Party, Sen. Warren seems to be as well and she has taken a fair amount of his support.  Combine that with the Sanders’ campaign’s blunder this week where they were found to be paying their staffer less than Bernie’s much heralded $15 minimum wage and Sanders finds himself in a precarious position.

So, what is Bernie to do? Propose yet another “free” program, dontcha know?

On Thursday, Sanders sent out message saying that when he becomes president, children will be provided with free, year-round school meals.

Now, letting children go hungry is not a good thing. There are too many children that go without in this country and it’s a tragedy each and every time.

But charities are best at handling hunger. The federal government doesn’t exactly have the best record when it comes to dealing with hunger and poverty. Anyone remember the War on Poverty?

Additionally, Bernie’s tweet is just another example of why his support has fallen in the polls. He just throws out these big, massive programs and never, ever provides a way to pay for it, the few times he’s been asked to do so.

Lover her or hate her, at least when Warren wants to give away something for “free” she has some kind of method in order to fund it, at least she’s able to give somewhat of a coherent answer.


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