Wendy Davis announces congressional bid

Remember Wendy Davis?

Back in 2013, Davis famously made history when she filibustered a state senate bill that restricted abortion after 20 weeks. Davis wore diapers, didn’t eat or drink and managed to stall the bill for thirteen hours. Her pink sneakers that she wore during the filibuster became a symbol of feminism for the left.

Then, in 2014 she ran a terrible campaign for governor against Gregg Abbott, even stooping so low as to attack her opponent’s disability.

Now, Davis is back. And she’s running for a congressional seat.

“I’m proud to announce my campaign for Congress in TX-21! I’m running to be a voice for every Texan who feels forgotten by a broken political system. Time to make DC listen – will you stand with me?,” she tweeted.

Davis also appeared on MSNBC to talk about how she thinks she can win in a district that includes parts of Austin and is currently represented by Ted Cruz’s former chief-of-staff, Chip Roy.


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