Ted Cruz destroys Beto, Seth Meyers’ lame attempt at a joke

For some reason, that no one is able to explain, Robert Francis O’Rourke is still running for president. Despite horrible poll numbers, the man refuses to give up.

Well, as he continues his futile campaign for president, the once-media darling appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.

During the former Texas congressman’s appearance, the two chatted about his punk rock past, touring in a crappy van and jumping on a trampoline given to him by rapper Busta Rhymes. Real informative stuff. It’s a wonder why his poll numbers are so bad.

Anyway, at one point during O’Rourke’s conversation with the former SNL cast member, Ted Cruz’s name came up. Meyers asked Beto, given the high volume of candidates, if it’s hard to differentiate himself from the crowd.

Meyers then asks Beto if he ever misses Ted Cruz to which Beto responds “where is Ted Cruz?”

Of course, Beto, despite the media’s help, lost that senatorial race to Cruz.

Cruz responded to Beto and Meyers’ lame attempt at humor in the best way possible.

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