Forever 21 angers customers for sending diet bars with plus size orders

Yesterday, people were mad at mall fashion retailer Forever 21 for selling “fake news” shorts. Today, they’re outraged because some consumers are getting Atkins Diet Bars with their plus size orders.

Liberal feminist rag Jezebel reports:

Forever 21’s online customers have begun opening the packages that land on their doorstep to find the clothing they ordered—and a diet bar that they most certainly did not. The fast-fashion retailer has started sending sample Atkins lemon bars, which proudly advertise three grams of carbs, along with online orders. It isn’t clear just which orders receive this unsolicited weight loss nudge, but judging from a growing number of complaints on social media, most of the impacted customers appear to have ordered from the company’s plus-size collections.

The customers took to Twitter to express their disbelief.

Jezebel continued:

To receive an unsolicited diet bar isn’t just an insult; it’s a potentially dangerous invitation to question and critique oneself. That is especially true while buying clothes, and especially while buying clothes from the plus-size line of a mainstream retailer like Forever 21.

Maybe these people have never ordered products from online retailers before, but its not unusual for companies to send samples in your packages. I’ve often purchased things and gotten products that were in no way beneficial to me and my guess is one sample goes out with every order.

Atkins Diet Bars just happen to be this month’s sample product.

You know these retailers have such a high volume of orders that it’s pretty ridiculous to suggest that the people filling them are paying attention to what size was ordered and picking a bar to send a “lose weight” message with the package.

This faux-outrage over every little thing really needs to stop. Are your feelings so sensitive that you have to cry on social media over something that you could just look at, decide you can’t use, then toss in the trash or give to a friend that might want it?


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