CNN reporter: Elizabeth Warren’s policies could bring about economic crisis

If you’re a Democrat running for president and looking to win the nomination, there are basically two things one must do: Call anyone who even remotely challenges your ideas a racist and promise citizens free things if elected.

Massachusetts senator and Democratic  presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has been doing both of these exceptionally well as of late. As a result, Warren has seen her poll numbers increase as she siphons away Bernie Sanders’ support.

Now, if the economy stays the way it does, no Democrat really has a shot of becoming president in 2020. The economy would have to take a downturn before Americans would throw Trump out of office.

Warren knows this and as such, she’s preaching doom and gloom by saying that an “economic crash” is on the horizon. However, a CNN business reporter calls out Warren for her policy proposals, saying that the very things Warren is pushing could in fact bring on a crisis in the economy.

Check out the video:

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