Baltimore Sun reporter offended, outraged at Forever 21 over pants

For people on the left, it’s becoming a full-time job to search and find things to feign outrage and offense about.

It’s not enough to be offended and move on with your day. No, those on the left must stop and let everyone around them know how much something has hurt them, how “offended” they truly are.

Instead of just changing the channel, the radio station, or avoiding that particular store or product, the left uses the power of the mob and groupthink in order to defame and destroy.

Pamela Wood, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, is the latest person who simply can’t let something go. You see she is completely incensed that the store Forever 21 is selling pants emblazoned with Fake News all over them.

Again, it’s not enough to simply see something and move along. No, she must try and use the power of social media and others who are “offended” by that companies product.

At this point the left is simply becoming a parody of itself.

I know it’s been said over and over but this is the kind of crap that put Donald Trump in the White House.


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