Macy’s pulls ‘fat shaming’ dishes after outrage

And you thought the story about Ivanka Trump’s dog was dumb. Wait til you get a load of this.

Macy’s, the department store, faced backlash over some dishes being sold in their stores and has pulled the design from their stores over the outrage. The dishes feature a portion control design with the smallest saying “skinny jeans” and the largest “mom jeans.”

Podcast host Alie Ward started the campaign, tweeting that she’d like to get the plates banned in all 50 states.

People reacted negatively to the tweet, with some users saying the plates promoted eating disorders, fat shaming and “toxic beauty standard messages.”

The end result? Macy’s pulled the plates and apologized.

You can still buy the plates though – the company that makes them created them as a way to combat over eating with a “tongue-in-cheek” approach.

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