Rep. Omar: Trump wants ‘every black/brown person deported and Muslims banned’

Throwing around the word “racism” and “racist” is a favorite pasttime of those in the Democratic Party.

Disagree with a Democrat on immigration? You’re a racist. Disagree with a Democrat on any aspect of climate change? It’s probably because you’re a racist. Believe funding for Planned Parenthood should be stopped or lowered? Well, yes, you guessed it, you are a racist.

Of course, there are actual racists in the world, people who are so ignorant that they simply dislike someone because of their skin color.

But, if you listened to the members of the Democratic Party and those in the media who align with them, you’d be led to believe more than half the country are just a bunch of racists. Everyone from the President of the United States to his supporters across the country are racists, Democrats tell us constantly.

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar over the weekend called Trump a racist once again.


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