Bette Midler wants Trump censored on social media

Let’s be honest with something here: President Donald Trump would do himself a world of good if he were to give the tweeting a rest every now and then.

His tweets only serve to give the left and the media something to talk about for two, three days and half to give his staff massive headaches and nightmares, dreaming as to what he’ll type and send out next. Most of his problems are self-inflicted either from something he’s said or posted on Twitter.

But one person, actress and committed leftist Bette Middler, wishes Trump would not just be silent but rather be completely and totally banned from the social media platform.


Apparently, Midler, as a liberal, believes in free speech until someone disagrees with her. Who in their right mind would actually advocate censorship?

One wonders if Bette would feel the same about censorship if theaters/television channels refused to play her films or if radio stations just banned Midler songs from their airwaves?

I guessing she would be singing a different tune rather quickly.

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