New York Times calls NASA’s Apollo program sexist, actress Patricia Heaton responds, blasts them

On Saturday, it will be 50 years since the United States landed on the moon, Neil Armstrong took those first steps on that celestial body and uttered those memorable words, which most know by heart.

To think that America was able to pull off such an accomplishment in the 1960s, is nothing short of amazing. In order to do achieve that, it would’ve required tons of work, determination, sweat and brainpower. Simply put, landing on the moon was an adequate display of the United States of America is capable of.

However, some on the left, in their shallow attempt to rewrite history, are now trying to downplay and denigrate this historic accomplishment. The New York Times now believes the Apollo program was nothing more than pure 100% sexism in action.

According to their article:

As we look back at the Apollo mission and forward to Artemis, it is important to examine the gender biases of the early space program for lessons learned. If we want to land the first woman on the moon, let’s make sure she has tools designed with her in mind. Eliminating the legacy of gender bias is just one small step.

The article also goes on to claim the program, back in the 60s, was sexist simply because of the design and weight of their spacesuits. It claims because it didn’t account for the sweat patterns of women and that the suit makes both men and women wear the same kind of underwear, NASA was sexist.

The Times, in their tweet, again claims the Apollo program, which landed on the moon was derived from sexism.

“The Middle” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” star Patricia Heaton responded and absolutely destroyed the New York Times, calling them out for their stupidity.


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