Liberal actress Patti LuPone to Lindsey Graham: ‘Just bite the bullet and come out’

Hollywood and those on the left hate homophobia. They absolutely despise it!  And if you don’t believe they are totally against any and all kinds of homophobia, well then you’r just a homophobic, piece of garbage just too afraid to come out of the closest.

That’s basically the mindset of many on the left. Agreeing with them on every single topic and issue is more important than actually being a decent human being.

Don’t believe me? Well, check out the tolerance-infused tweet from actress, singer Patti LuPone.

LuPone is, of course, referring to Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham defending President, saying no one has ever endured the kind of Trump has been forced to deal with.


The left’s playbook: Homophobic attacks are acceptable whenever someone disagrees with you politically. And it’s those on the right who are supposedly the homophobes.


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