Berkeley changing ‘man holes’ to ‘maintenance holes’

California is so weird sometimes! Great weather, gorgeous scenery but the WORST when it comes to laws and PC nonsense.

Now, the city of Berkeley has decided that the term “man hole” – as in that thing that covers the sewers – needs to be changed to “maintenance holes” because it’s too gendered of a term.

Berkeley’s city council member, Rigel Robinson proposed the change and it doesn’t stop with “man hole.” ALL gendered language is being removed from the city code.

NBC’s Bay Area affiliate reported on the story, with Robinson telling them “A male-centric municipal code doesn’t reflect the reality of the city of Berkeley.”

Robinson asked the city manager for a plan to remove all the gendered pronouns and words and replace them with gender neutral words.

For example: “fireman” will become “firefighter.” Out with “brother,” in with “sibling.” Forget “manpower,” it’s “human effort” now.

“Language has power, this matters,” Robinson said.

This kind of stuff is so stupid. Shouldn’t cities have bigger problems to worry about other than if the language in their city code (that no one even gives a second thought about anyway) is gender neutral?

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