Really? Bernie Sanders using ‘send her back’ chant toward Omar to raise money…for his campaign

On Wednesday night in North Carolina, President Donald Trump held a rally. While speaking to supporters, Trump went after the members of “the Squad.” When it came to Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, the crowd began […]

Elizabeth ‘Woke’ Warren adds preferred gender pronouns to Twitter profile

Being a member of the left means gravitating towards and fully embracing any and all movement because it may result in a couple of votes. For instance, Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren […]

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell says ‘none of these members of Congress are socialists’

The media and those on the left and the right continue to discuss and breakdown the war of words between President Trump and the four freshmen Democratic members of the House of Representatives known as […]

Liberal actress Patti LuPone to Lindsey Graham: ‘Just bite the bullet and come out’

Hollywood and those on the left hate homophobia. They absolutely despise it!  And if you don’t believe they are totally against any and all kinds of homophobia, well then you’r just a homophobic, piece of […]