VIDEO: Kamala Harris struggles to answer how to pay for Medicare for All

The Democrats running for president have all of these entitlements and pie-in-the-sky, big government policies that they want to implement.

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and now Kamala Harris is attempting to buy votes as goes around the country promising voters that the she’ll give you this and provide you with that if you just put her in the White House.

The problem with their utopian ideas arises, and it always does, whenever any of them are asked how they intend to fund those policies.

Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris appeared on CNN Wednesday morning and was asked how she will pay for Medicare for All, which has been estimated to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 trillion.

When pressed for an answer, Harris doesn’t give specifics but instead gives generalities and more feel good liberal rhetoric.

Check out the segment:


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