Florida city using ‘South Park’ method in getting rid of the homeless

Nearly ever single day, there is something just absolutely absurd coming out of the state of Florida. Often, it’s multiple items a day from the Sunshine state that just simply cause you to shake your head in disbelief.

Well, on Wednesday an entire city in Florida was the proverbial “Florida man.”  Apparently, West Palm Beach has quite the homeless problem to where their homeless population enjoys make their beds in the city’s park.

So, in order to combat their problem, officials have decided to play children songs on a continuous loop to keep the homeless from sleeping in the park. 

Yes, children songs are annoying and mindless but is this truly the best idea the government of West Palm Beach, Florida has to offer? Did someone just happen to come across an episode of “South Park” and decided they would just rip off Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman?

Of course, in the episode,  South Park becomes overrun with homeless people and the boys sing “California Love” telling the homeless about Santa Monica and it works.

Although, the boys idea did work in eliminating their homeless problem so maybe the Floridians in West Palm Beach are onto something.

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