VIDEO: Rep. Liz Cheney rips Dem colleagues: ‘Their policies are wrong, dangerous and would destroy America’

Well, for the last several days the major news outlets have been consumed with statements President Donald Trump made on Twitter over the weekend where he instructed a “progressive Democrat congresswomen” to return to where they came from. Three of the four women were born in America.

Immediately, people responded saying Trump’s comments were racist with Democrats and Republicans alike condemning the dumb comments. Whether they were racist or not, one thing is entirely clear, they were not helpful in the slightest. The Democrats were basically in a civil war, with the progressive and moderate wings as Ocasio-Cortez calling Nancy Pelosi a racist.

What would’ve been helpful and what Trump should have said is what Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney said on Tuesday. She came out and stated that Republicans disagreement with the four freshmen congresswomen have nothing to do with their race or their religion but instead with their policies and ideas.

She plainly stated why they believe their ideas are entirely wrong and dangerous for our country.


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