Sen. Marco Rubio responds to House resolution condemning Trump twitter statements

President Donald Trump’s tweets continue to dominate the news cycle. He’s currently dealing with a self-made controversy in which he called on the “progressive Democrat Congresswomen” to go back to their country and fix it and then come back and tell us what they did.

Well, Tuesday evening the House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the tweets. The symbolic resolution was passed on basically a partisan vote with four Republicans and Independent Justin Amash crossing over to back the resolution.

Following the passing of the resolution in the House, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio released a video in which he called out the Democrats for their Antisemitism but also called on everyone to look past gender, sexual orientation, race and religion and instead concentrate on what makes us the same – the fact that anyone and everyone can be an American.

Rubio’s statement is right and one that should be listened to both people on all sides of the political spectrum.


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