WaPo writer says new ‘The Lion King’ film full of ‘fascist ideology’ and compares Pride Rock to Trump Tower

The SJW crowd is after the new Disney live action The Lion King remake now.

In a film review posted on The Washington Post, critic Dan Hassler-Forest calls the movie a ” fascist ideology writ large” and says it’s full of “white supremacy.”

Odd, considering most of the casting for the roles are African American film and music stars.

He goes on to compare Pride Rock to Trump Tower, saying:

Doubling down on Disney’s historical obsession with patriarchal monarchies, it places the audience’s point of view squarely with the autocratic lions, whose Pride Rock literally looks down upon all of society’s weaker groups — a kind of Trump Tower of the African savanna. When grand patriarch Mufasa explains patiently to his son how this division of power works, he emphasizes that the king must maintain balance in their kingdom. This seems acceptable when we think about the environment, where we associate “balance” with sustainability. But when we consider that he’s really explaining to his heir why the natural order makes it normal for kings to devour the peasants, the lions’ perspective feels a lot more unsettling.

He continues.

Just as fascist leaders constantly pinpoint specific groups to vilify and cast out from their view of a “balanced” society, the film’s heroes are preoccupied with keeping their kingdom free of contamination by undesirable characters, who are consigned to the shadowy ghettolike areas “beyond our borders” — on the wrong side of the tracks. With these elements in place, the film’s plot centers on what happens when the “natural” supremacy of patriarchal rule is interrupted. This betrayal of tradition is predictably orchestrated by Scar, the misfit lion whose desire to advance the status of minorities is presented in a way that resembles conservative caricatures of liberal politicians — wherein compassion is supposedly a masked form of opportunism.

And when addressing the all black cast, the author says not to jump on the “woke train” too fast.

By the same token, the promotional campaign for “The Lion King” has emphasized its majority-black cast, which swaps out the original’s white voice actors Matthew Broderick and Moira Kelly for Donald Glover and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter — a “woke” casting coup if ever there was one. In obvious efforts to resonate with the company’s thematically similar “Black Panther,” Disney publicists are emphatically pitching this remake as diverse and inclusive.


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