MSNBC guest: ‘If you’re supporting Trump at this point, you are a racist’

Liberals love throwing out the word “racist” and “racism.” If they couldn’t say that, most of their ideas, policies and frankly, ability to even speak would instantly vanish.

For a group that is progressive and likes to believe they are beyond such things such as race and gender, they certainly spend a lot of time on them. They are absolutely obsessed with the topic of race. They believe in quotas when it comes to both sex and race and affirmative action.

But whenever something or someone comes along that they ardently disagree with and/or triggers them to no end, guess what their go to word is?

C’mon, you all know it! Say it with me! Racist!

So, it should come as no surprise that when a guest on MSNBC decided to label every single Trump supporter a racist.


I’m mean, not only is the title meant to stifle and end any and all debate, it’s also intellectually lazy.  If I call my opponent and their arguments inherently flawed because the person making them is a racist, well then I never have to respond or think critically in order to come up with a response.


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