Rep. Omar: Americans are racists, treat dogs better than illegal immigrants

The southern border continues to be a hot-button issue and thanks to Democrats bringing back up the issue over and over again. It would be one thing if they were actually working to fix the illegal immigration mess that is our southern border but they aren’t doing a thing.

Instead, the Democrats are using the issue to further inflame passions, essentially calling those who disagree with their position of decriminalizing illegal border crossings, what you might guess, racists.

Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar, one who has recently caught the ire of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, believes that Americans treat dogs better than those individuals crossing our border illegally.

And guess why she believes this to be fact? Well, Americans are racists, of course.

Democrats really need to find another term than racists because they have really worn down the word to where it doesn’t even mean anything any more.

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