Kamala Harris stutters, stammers as she says she wants to decriminalize illegal border crossings

Kamala Harris is running for President of the United States. After a few weeks of coming out with some far left positions, she’s in the upper level of candidates and now, it appears that she has an actual shot of becoming the nominee.

But if she really wants to become the Democrats nominee for president, she’s going to have to become better at articulating her positions, especially when she’s trying to avoid and evade the question because she knows her position is not going to be popular.

Harris recently appeared on The View and Meghan McCain questioned the California senator about her position on decriminalizing illegal border crossings.  McCain explicitly asks her about her position, which is to decriminalize border crossings.

Harris, in a garbled and stammering mess of an answer, finally agrees, that yes, she does want to decriminalize illegal border crossings. This comes after first saying that no, she doesn’t want to decriminalize illegal border crossings.

This moment will not be put on the highlight reel for the Harris for President campaign.

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