USWNT’s Rapinoe: Trump’s message excludes people, people like me and people of color

The United States Women’s National Soccer Team woman the 2019 World Cup.

Now, the big question is will President Trump invite the team to the White House in recognition of their title?  Not only that, but if Trump does invite the team, will they accept and/or how many will show up?

But before all of that plays out, one of the team’s stars, who has already stated that she will not head to the White House, appeared on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show.

In her message to President Trump, Rapinoe provides the same tired, liberal speech that we’ve heard 1,000s of times before. She claims that Trump’s message excludes people, people like her, people that look like her and people of color. Basically, it’s that Trump is a racist and everything he does and says is racist.

She is completely entitled to her opinion about Trump. She has the absolute right to call Trump a bigot, a racist and homophobe. But she really needs to understand that Trump is the first President of the United States to be elected who supports gay marriage. President Obama didn’t come out in support of gay marriage until it was politically expedient and would help him in the polls.

Following her answer, Anderson Cooper also plays into this idea that Rapinoe mentions as she says MAGA is harkening back to a time when racism, sexism and homophobia was acceptable in society.


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