‘Atlantic’ writer gets ridiculed for saying air conditioning is sexist

It’s no secret that women are freezing at the office and now that summer is in full swing, the air is blasting full force at work, forcing me to eat lunch in my car and wear sweaters inside, even in July.

But I’d never complain that air conditioning is sexist. However, Taylor Lorenz, a writer at Atlantic would beg to differ.

‘Air-conditioning is unhealthy, bad, miserable, and sexist. I can’t explain how many times I’ve gotten sick over the summer b/c of overzealous AC in offices. #BanAC,” she tweeted. Attached to the tweet was a link to a New York Times op-ed where a writer mused if Americans even need air conditioning at all.


Um, hello! With the impending doom of climate change warming our country at an alarming rate, how can someone SAY such a thing?!?

Lorenz got ridiculed for her tweet, and rightly so. To think the temperature in a building is sexist is absurd.

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