Another day, another boycott: Liberals avoiding Home Depot now

Apparently, in addition to chicken sandwiches, liberals are also triggered by tools.

Yes, while Chick-fil-A has been the target of several meaningless boycotts from our friends on the left, they’ve now found another target: Home Depot.

Yes, the home improvement store has come under fire from the left after one of their co-founders said he’ll back Trump for re-election.

Bernie Marcus, who also donated to Trump’s 2016 campaign, said he’ll give to Trump’s 2020 re-election effort.

Following this news, #BoycottHomeDepot began trending on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Another day, another boycott: Liberals avoiding Home Depot now”

  1. Whatever. Who cares what our domestic enemies do? They’ve gone far enough that soon we’ll be putting their males down and sorting out which of their females will be kept as breeding / relief “workers” and which will be culled alongside their males.

  2. You libtards don’t believe that you have to work so why would you be going there anyways AOC hasn’t said you would get anything free from Home Depot.All you want is everything for free.You would be surprised if you had to earn a paycheck and see how much is takin out to pay for what you believe is free nothing is free but your to stupid to understand how it works.Im still waiting for a check out line at Walmart that’s for taxpayers and one for those who don’t work that way there won’t be a line to check out for us taxpayers

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