Swalwell to drop out of presidential race?

Eric Swalwell’s presidential campaign hasn’t been able to pick up much momentum, polling at or close to 0% in several polls.

And there’s a perfectly good explanation as to why his campaign has really gotten anyone’s attention: he’s a terrible candidate.

Swalwell has suggested a mandatory buyback program, similar to the one Australia instituted. His only other original idea has consisted of him repeating “pass the torch” from the debate stage for about 40 seconds and disappearing until he’s permitted to give his closing argument.

So it may makes perfect sense that Swalwell appears to be dropping out of the race for president. Swalwell is set to make an announcement of some kind Monday afternoon in California.

It could be that he’s dropping out or perhaps he’s found a new way to call those he’s running against old and he wants to try out the phrase at the press conference.

Although, he was an easy target to mock and ridicule. However, there are still 22 or 23 others that will do, although we’re not sure if Frederica Wilson will allow such a thing or not.



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