Biden apologizes for comments about working with segregationist Democrats

Please, apologize for this and if you’re not busy, go ahead and say you’re sorry for that, too.

That’s pretty much how the left works, except they don’t ask for apologies for things. They absolutely demand them for statements or actions in the past that may, possibly, could be and might by someone, be misconstrued as hurtful.

What happens if someone abide by the left’s demand for apology process? Well, then that person is either branded as racist, a sexist, a bigot, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a transphobe or a phobephobe (not sure if that’s one yet or not but rest assured, it’s likely coming).

Well, you see how this has played out with former Vice President Joe Biden. He was branded a racist after saying that he was able to work and get things done with two segregationist senators who were both DEMOCRATS.

Biden, at first, refused to apologize. But we both know how that kind of stuff works, Biden was going to buckle and fold sooner or later and apparently, it was sooner.

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