Former Democratic congressional candidate: ‘You can’t be a Trump supporter and a follower of Christ’

Democrats don’t like religion.

Studies have shown that those who profess to be atheists, don’t attend church services regularly or just have a negative opinion on religion in general, are more likely to vote for donkeys.

Additionally, Democrats are constantly saying that we need to keep religion out of politics and government….except when it benefits them, apparently.

Former Democratic congressional candidate Pam Keith actually thought it was a good idea to post that it’s impossible to be a Christian and a supporter of President Trump.

Now, was and is Donald Trump a flawed candidate? Yes, very much so.  But, when Christians were presented with Trump and a woman who is a serial liar, an avid supporter of killing the unborn and who has been involved in numerous scandals over the course of her career as choices, it was an easy decision.

Is Donald Trump’s personal life, conduct and language, the model to which Christians should aspire? No, of course not.

Is this Pam Keith woman dumb enough to think that Christians will overwhelming support any of those currently running for president as a Democrat? Apparently, that answer is a resounding and emphatic yes.

This current crop of Democrats are pushing some of the most extreme far left policies, such as abortion up until and possibly even after the child has exited the womb, providing for the health care of illegal immigrants and severely limiting the 2nd Amendment (as is the case with Kamala Harris and Eric Swalwell).

In 2020, those on the Christian right will not go along with such an agenda and if this woman believes they will instantly change their entire way of thinking and support ideals completely contradictory to their belief system, she is the deluded one.

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