USA soccer player on Trump: ‘I refuse to respect a man that warrants no respect’

On Sunday, the USA women’s soccer team will play the Netherlands in the World Cup final.

However, while the team’s run in the World Cup has been impressive, it has not been without some controversy, particularly when it comes to politics.

One of the team’s most visible players Megan Rapinoe, is vocally anti-Trump, often refusing to stand for the national anthem. Prior to the beginning of the tournament, she was asked whether she would go to the White House if invited and she responded by saying she’s not “going to the f**king White House.”

Now, let’s make one thing abundantly clear, the players have a right to voice their opinions and state their dislike of the president. They can say anything about him at all.

But let’s also make another thing entirely clear, they have yet to win the tournament, and not only that, President Trump doesn’t even have to invite them.

Ali Krieger was on CNN where she stated that she also would not make the trip to the White House, saying she refuses to respect a man that warrants no respect.


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