Salon says Declaration of Independence is ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’

Liberals love, love absolutely love attaching “ists” and “isms’ to words. It’s their second favorite pastime just behind feigning faux outrage over completely idiotic and moronic things.

Now, according to the liberal trash heap site Salon, the Declaration of Independence is racist and sexist.

Yes, you most certainly read that correctly. The founding document of our country is, according to a very popular liberal site, just way too offensive them.

What evidence do the writer use as evidence of the document’s obvious and inherent  racism? Well, it didn’t condemn racism and it points to the documents author, Thomas Jefferson, a prime example of it contempt of anyone other than a white man.

The author of the piece wrote:

These words were cruelly ironic coming from Jefferson, who was an unrepentant racist and a slave owner — more on that in a moment. Nevertheless, even he acknowledged that slavery was an “abominable crime” and ultimately wished to see it purged from the new country. However, since southern support for the American Revolution was critical to its success, Jefferson ultimately scrapped that passage in order to keep the colonies united against their common enemy.

Next, the writer tries to attach the hatred of women to the document. Again, it points to one of nation’s Founding Fathers, John Adams, and his response to a suggestion from his wife as an example of that misogyny is baked into the document. 

Adams’ response was, to say the least, tone deaf and unsympathetic. From patronizingly saying, “I cannot but laugh” at his wife’s suggestion — to sounding like a proto-MRA in arguing that “we have only the Name of Masters, and rather than give up this, which would completely subject Us to the Despotism of the Peticoat” — Adams’ response would fit right in with the modern alt-right. (To be clear, Adams lived in 1776 and was a genuine hero with courage and principle, qualities which would never be found in a member of the alt-right.)

These arguments are idiotic. Did the document explicitly outlaw slavery? No. Did our nation fight that ended with the elimination of the evil practice? Yes.

Were women thought of the same as men in society at that time in history? No. Has our government given women the right to vote, work and kill their unborn child? Yes.

Were the men who signed the Declaration of Independence infallible? Of course not. They were human just like the rest of us, prone to their own weaknesses. But these men were courageous enough to step out on their own, committing treason by forming their own country and breaking away from the King of England.

As bad and as racist and sexist as our country is, I’d be interested to know from which country the writer wrote this piece. I guessing but I’d venture to say it was completed in the United States of America.

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