NYT editorial writer says Ted Cruz has ‘no business’ talking about Frederick Douglass, he slams her

For some inexplicable reason, the Fourth of July has become a very sensitive and polarizing topic to some.  Like nearly everything else, liberals have found something that offends them about it.

But also like everything else that offends them, they take their cue when to act offended from someone who is likely have their own low-rated, soon to be canceled program on MSNBC.

This time, it was former NFL quarterback and current liberal icon Colin Kaepernick. On July 4, Kaepernick posted a video using a quote from Frederick Douglas out of context to imply that America is a racist nation.

Well, Sen. Ted Cruz responded to the failed NFL quarterback putting the quote in the proper context.

Cruz’s attempt at education the former 49er didn’t sit well with a New York Times editorial writer.

He shot right back and essentially shut her down.


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