NYT editorial writer says Ted Cruz has ‘no business’ talking about Frederick Douglass, he slams her

For some inexplicable reason, the Fourth of July has become a very sensitive and polarizing topic to some.  Like nearly everything else, liberals have found something that offends them about it. But also like everything […]

USA soccer player on Trump: ‘I refuse to respect a man that warrants no respect’

On Sunday, the USA women’s soccer team will play the Netherlands in the World Cup final. However, while the team’s run in the World Cup has been impressive, it has not been without some controversy, […]

Salon says Declaration of Independence is ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’

Liberals love, love absolutely love attaching “ists” and “isms’ to words. It’s their second favorite pastime just behind feigning faux outrage over completely idiotic and moronic things. Now, according to the liberal trash heap site […]

Marianne Williamson wasn’t included in photoshoot of women running for president, so she photoshopped herself in

Marianne Williamson, who no one had ever heard of before last week’s Democratic primary debate, got left out of a photoshoot with other female candidates running for the nomination. So what did Williamson do? She […]