Minor league baseball team apologizes for post mocking Kaepernick

In another stupid turn of events, tennis shoes have liberals outraged this week.

After former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick objected to Nike selling tennis shoes with the Betsy Ross-designed flag, the shoes were immediately pulled from shelves and sent back to the company.

Since getting the opinion of a football player who hasn’t taken a snap in several seasons, liberals have begun questioning the legitimacy of that particular design, claiming that it is fact a racist depiction. One commentator on MSNBC even compared the flag to the Swastikas and burning crosses.

Needless to say, doing anything contradictory to that narrative is just another example of blatant racism, according to the left.

Now, a minor league baseball team has gotten itself in some hot water, as they are feeling the wrath of the lefties. The Tennessee Smokies, a team affiliated with the Chicago Cubs actually cut the Betsy Ross flag in their field and posted a message, tagging Kaepernick in which they said they were just going to do it.

Kaepernick tweet.jpg

Well, soon after posting the tweet, it was deleted and an apology was posted instead.

Tune in again next week when we find out what else the left considers racist, sexist and/or homophobic.


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