Indiana man writes the Declaration of Independence on his driveway in chalk each 4th of July

Joe Spangler of Fishers, Indiana has an annual 4th of July tradition: writing the Declaration of Independence on his driveway in red, white and blue.

It takes the 66-year-old man hours to complete the task, most of it done on his hands and knees, but has written the founding document on his driveway for the last decade, so it’s become a tradition for Spangler.

Spangler tells the Indianapolis Star, “I hope I can keep doing it, depending on the back and the joints, but the neighbors always like it,” he said. “It looks good until the first rain, which might be tonight. (It’s) a lot of feeling of regretting it the next evening or morning, when I get up a little stiffer from kneeling and bending over all day, but it’s always fun.”

His wife takes pictures of each year and helps him track down the right chalk colors.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the American Revolution and the political process of it,” he said. “Let’s just remember what the Fourth of July is all about. It’s not just hot dogs and fireworks.”

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