Bette Midler wants Trump… to change the temperature in France?

Hollywood is a city primarily comprised of people who hate Republicans with a fiery, burning passion.  In addition to disliking Republican lawmakers, they also have a strong hatred of the people who put them in office – mainly, you and I.

But when Trump took office, their hatred level seems to have risen to place not yet seen. One of those people who absolutely hates Trump, who seems to be so consumed with her dislike of the president that it appears to be the only thing she can think about is actress, singer Bette Midler.

A simple gander at her Twitter feed will assure you that she will not be putting on a MAGA hat or even be within a 100 yards of someone who is wearing one. But one of her latest tweets is so incredibly absurd that it’s even bad for the Hollywood millionaire.

It’s amazing. Hollywood has even found a way to blame Trump for the weather in France.


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