Joy Reid: Donald Trump’s 4th of July celebration is a ‘threat to Americans’

Tomorrow is a our nation’s birthday. On Thursday the United States will turn 243 years old.

Many will recognize the special occasion by gathering together with family, grilling out and setting off a few fireworks here and there. Cities across the country from New York to Los Angeles will put on mammoth fireworks displays to be broadcast for all to enjoy.

In Washington D.C. , President Donald Trump has supposedly helped to put together “the greatest” July 4th celebration ever. Don’t believe me? Just ask him, it’s going to be “truly, amazing! Enjoy!”

But even with Trump’s planned celebration, it has come with a bit of controversy. He has promised to roll out tanks with his celebration.

Now, why he needs tanks in order to celebrate the Fourth of July, I don’t know. I personally think it’s a dumb and unnecessary idea but, whatever.

However, some people are taking Trump’s Fourth of July celebration, the day specifically set aside to recognize our nation’s formation, as a threat to Americans. Yes, you read that right.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid believes Trump celebrating the beginning of our nation is an obvious threat to the citizens of America.

Where do they get these people?

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