Georgetown professor compares Betsy Ross flag to Swastika, cross burning on MSNBC

Who ever would’ve thought a pair of tennis shoes could become so divisive? But that’s where we are in America.

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has the ability to make multinational corporation Nike bend to his will. If only he had that kind of power over a defensive line and a secondary, he might still be on an NFL team.

Kaepernick was able to get Nike to pull a shoe featuring the American flag originally designed by Betsy Ross off the shelves. Since then, the shoe company has gotten itself in a middle of a controversy of its own making.

Well, Michael Eric Dyson, a Georgetown professor, went on MSNBC where the subject of Nike and the company bending the knee to Kaepernick came up. Dyson, for some bewildering reason, thought it was a good idea to compare that design to Hitler’s Swastika and burning crosses.

Liberals constant drone on and on about race and the need to be colorblind but what’s funny they are always the first ones to bring up race, gender or sexual orientation. So you tell me who is really consumed and obsessed with seeing color?

But what is really sad about the Dyson’s statement is that he’s in a position to affect the minds of others. That’s the real tragedy.


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