VIDEO: Cory Booker says providing health care for illegal immigrants is ‘a common sense thing’

While it is still very early in the presidential nomination process, Democrats have staked out a number very leftist positions.

One of those, among many, is to use taxpayer money in order to provide for the health care of those who are in the country illegally.

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker, while appearing on CNN Tuesday, reiterated his support for using tax dollars to medically treat undocumented immigrants.

Booker even goes so far as to call freely giving tax payer-funded health care to illegal immigrants a “common sense things” and the proceeds to say, with a straight face, that it’s not a partisan issue and we shouldn’t attempt to make it one. Ironically, only seconds later, he then calls out President Donald Trump for his treatment of those attempting to cross the border illegally.

Check out Booker’s interview:

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