Dem Rep. Frederica Wilson: Those who make fun of members of Congress online ‘should be prosecuted’

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in the United States of America. If, as citizens of the U.S., we don’t have the freedom to say what we want, no matter, how disgusting or just plain wrong, what do we really have?

And part of the freedom of speech is speaking truth to power which includes voicing our opinions and displeasure to those in elected office. That can take many forms as well, such as ridicule, mockery and satire. But some in Congress want to put an end to this, to actually limit our right of freedom of speech.

On Tuesday, Democratic Frederica Wilson actually said that those who mock and make fun of members of Congress online should be prosecuted. She went on to call it illegal and that they are going to work with whoever to stop it. That’s some pretty scary stuff.

Check out her appeal to rolling back freedom of speech and jailing those who exercise that right:

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