Nike pulls sneaker after Colin Kaepernick get involved, says they are offensive

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL for several seasons but apparently he still has a ton of pull.

He has enough influence that he was reportedly able to get Nike to pull a sneaker after the former San Francisco 49er quarterback said the shoe was offensive.

So, what exactly did the “offensive” sneaker have on it, that according to the Wall Street Journal, caused Nike to nix the shoe? The Air Max 1 USA apparently had an early version of the American flag on the heel, a version of the flag originally designed by Betsy Ross.

The company, in a surprising move, was planning to use it to recognize our nation’s upcoming birthday.

Nike had actually already sent the shoes to retailers and then in a surprise move, which they didn’t provide an explanation, asked for them to be returned.




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