Comedian Ricky Gervais defends free speech, denounces Antifa

Physically attacking someone for their political point of view is the last resort of someone who has run out of ideas. However, that’s exactly what we saw in Portland, Oregon over the weekend.

Antifa, a group that is supposedly against fascism, used some pretty fascist techniques when they assaulted – on camera- a journalist. But it’s likely a problem whenever a group has to tell explicitly tell you what they are against, especially when they feel the need to cowardly cover their faces as they march down the streets.

Anyway, violence for coming from any side – whether it be the right, left or middle – is always wrong. To think someone can actually get attacked for speaking up in America is insane.

That’s exactly the point liberal comedian, actor Ricky Gervais was making when he denounced the violence over the weekend. Free speech is a foundational aspect of our country and if we don’t have that then we’re in a sorry state for sure.

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