As of today, California residents have to go through a background check to buy ammo

The gun laws just get more restrictive in California. Beginning July 1st, residents of the state will now be required to pass a background check when buying their ammo.

According to a story in USA Today, gun stores saw a surge in purchases ahead of the new law, with one store owner telling the outlet their sales were up 400% over this time last year. “Everybody that has a gun … knows about the law that’s upcoming,” LAX Ammunition store owner Daniel Kash said. “That’s why you see the store being as busy as it is this week for the Father’s Day Sale. People are stocking up right now, basically.”

Proposition 63 is praised by California Governor Gavin Newsom, who says the law will keep ammo from falling into “the wrong hands.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Each time a customer buys ammo, they will have to submit to a background check and pay a $1 fee.
  • If their information is not in the Department of Justice’s system already, a $20 fee will apply for the first screening.
  • All ammo sales have to be made in person. If someone buys online, they have to be shipped to a store.
  • Stores will have to check the DOJ list of prohibited possessors before selling to them.

Earlier this year, Democrats introduced similar legislation for a National Law, called “Jamie’s Law” that would closely resemble what’s in place in California.

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